For rough and fine grinding, polishing, matt and satin finish on sheets
and pipes made of stainless steel, steel, non-ferrous metals like aluminium, wood or hard plastic.


Product Data: 

  • The worldwide strongest longitudinal grinder from its inventor!
  • Perfectly balanced, for best grinding- and polishing results!
  • Ergonomic, fivefold adjustable and vibration absorbed handgrip (Design protected)
  • Continuously adjustable aluminium protection cover with extendable polycarbonate cover for 150 mm width
  • For normal wheels with 100 mm width (max. 150 mm) and maximum diameter 115 mm
  • Powerful engine ~ 1.750 watts
  • Ergonomic machinegrip with rubber sections for optimum control and fatigue-proof working
  • Reduced magnetic field radiation because of the longer motor shaft (the hand is not on the magnetic field).
  • QUICK-LOCK cable connection for different cable length.
  • Continuously adjustable speed from 1.000 until 3.800 rpm with tachogenerator for constant speed even under load.
  • Service cover for a quick change of the carbon brushes


Purchase includes:

  1. POLY-PTX® basic machine
  2. 4m QUICK-LOCK cable
  3. Eco Smart adaption
  4. Fleece-wheel grit 80